Field balancing

Machine vibrations due to unbalance is the most common and recurring cause of machine failure leading to downtime. Field balancing is the in-situ process of removing machine vibrations due to unbalance in any combination of its rotating parts without dismantling machine structure. Advantages of field balancing over conventional shop-floor balancing include:

  1. No dismantling of machine structure. Hence errors involved while re-assembling are zero.
  2. No transportation required for in-situ process. Probability of damages in transportation is zero.
  3. Time saving
  4. Reduced cost

Articles in this category describe what is unbalance, requirement of field balancing, different types of field balancing methods, benefits, comparison, tips, precautions, procedures for various industrial rotating machines.

Single plane field balancing

For dynamic field balancing, it is crucial to determine the actual effective point of unbalance in first round so that trial weight can be removed from this point of unbalance or added 180 degrees opposite to that point. Actual point of unbalance is the net effect of uneven mass distribution on the rotating body. Removing weight from this point will reduce the net unbalance of the rotating body. This is also equivalent to adding weight 180 degrees opposite to the actual point of unbalance. This has two advantages:

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