About us

We started in 2015 with an aim to simplify field balancing so that every novice technician can confidently perform field balancing. After many field trials, our proprietary Automatic 2-round field balancing method was designed to combine the ease of use of stroboscope and reliability of modern digital signal processing techniques. Additional, easy to use real time vibration analysis features advices technician to confirm unbalance before starting the balancing process. metro B6012 is designed to be an affordable and easy to use vibration analyzer and field balancer which technicians need.


We offer our expertise in product design, development, testing and manufacturing as services. Signasis is a word coined from the combination of 'signal' and 'analysis' which illustrate our core expertise of designing products requiring analyzing real world parameters to simplify tasks and make life easier.


We provide our products and services across the globe with OEM support for after sales service and reliability. We stand by our offerings so that our customers can rely on us for quality service and deliverability.