Seminar on preventive maintenance

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Vibration analysis and field balancing
12 March 2019
GIDC Lodhika Industrial Association, Metoda-360021, Rajkot, India

Seminar will be knowledge gain session about saving cost and productivity improvement through machine condition monitoring using vibration analysis and field balancing of different types of rotors, blowers, impellers, industrial fans, motors, cooling towers, HVAC systems, grinders, mixers, crushers, spindles, turbines, generators, pulleys, shaft, propeller and other similar industrial rotating machines.

Get demonstration and hands-on of indigeniously developed single channel vibration analyzer and field balancer: metro B6012 with patended Single plane field balancing. Implement an in-house preventive maintenance program to save operational and breakdown costs, improve productivity and reduce downtime.

Who should attend?

This technical session will be very useful to engineers and managers of maintenance, production and quality control departments and those who wish to know more about preventive maintenance through vibration analysis

Key take aways from the seminar

  • Getting started for implementing preventive maintenance program (if you do not already have one)
  • Need of condition monitoring through vibration analysis in the preventive maintenance program
  • Understanding current state of your maintenance program and charting out vision on how to reduce breakdown and maintenance costs
  • Brief on how to understand machine vibrations and find root cause of the problem
  • Brief on how to perform field balancing to reduce machine vibrations

Seminar contents

  • Importance of periodic machine maintenance
  • Importance of in-house maintenance team
  • Benefits of in-situ or on-field analysis
  • How to analyze vibrations?
  • How to use patented field balancing method?
  • Steps for planned maintenance
  • Q & A
  • Vibration analysis and field balancing hands-on


This is a free seminar, however prior online registration is recommended for better planning the event. Registered participants will also be offered free on-site demonstration of machine condition monitoring check within nearby location.



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